This is Meh.

My name’s Tamara. I’m an underpaid receptionist by day, a struggling writer by night. I recently attended university for three weeks, and dropped out when I found out there are other tortured writers out there who are far better at the usage of words than I am. Also, I finished a rough draft of this novel I started writing when I was like fifteen. I hate every word of it.

If you haven’t caught the pattern here, I love words, but they don’t really love me right now. Or maybe I’m too afraid of them to use them purposefully. I don’t know. But that’s what I’m here for. I’m trying to rebuild my relationship with my beloved words again, because I’m so freaking lost without them. Between the panic attacks and the discouraging voices in my head, I need something that will successfully aid in a cure for this drought I’m currently suffocating in.

So this blog is for words. Whatever ones I can scrounge up. Here goes nothing.


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