Stupid Chocolate and Stupid Wine. 

It happens a lot lately. I'm overcome with this overwhelming pressure in my chest. I wonder if my brain will ever function without considering him into every possible outcome. It's almost pathetic, but it's like my brain hasn't corresponded with my heart, like it doesn't know there's a gaping hole taking up residence there now.... Continue Reading →


Just a thought. 

I've kind of given up on magic for a while now---a long while. See, I used to believe that magic was in every footstep, every breath. I got a rude awakening when I put my faith in someone that didn't deserve it. And I left with nothing left. How do you replenish a well without... Continue Reading →

Goodnight Memories

I'm trying not to remember answering phones calls  when I was sixteen, you telling me how my  beauty  was a treacherous thing because you didn't know  how to not see me as  anything other than a virginal disaster.    I'm trying to remember laying in bed, skin on skin, my fingers tracing every inch of you... Continue Reading →

Love, Rabbit Holes, and Crutches.

It's a strange feeling, not having people worry about you. For the past few months I've struggled with my family, my friends not "thinking" about me. Not in the sense that they forget I exist, but in the sense that they don't find a reason to believe that I need any form of comfort.  Now,... Continue Reading →

Thunder Only the Gods Hear.

6:30p.m. I've been feeling this panic attack stirring up my head for hours now. I lose all functionality when this happens. I become klutzy. I can't see straight or focus on anything. It's almost as if my mind is attempting to not allow myself to fall over the ledge. In a way, this is what... Continue Reading →

Dandelions, Love, and Other Expired Things.

Yesterday I had a dermatologist appointment. And while I was sitting in the waiting room I saw a couple laughing quietly to themselves. Their hands were intertwined, their bodies slightly turned in the others direction. Their eyes never left one another, except for when they were laughing at something the other one said. As beautiful... Continue Reading →

Funny Feelings and Junk.

Lately I've been feeling a little broken. And I know that's something the millennials have beaten to the bloody pulp. But it's true. It's been a year since I dropped out of school. It's been a year since I ended things with He Who Shall Not Be Named. It's been a year since I felt... Continue Reading →

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